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did he raise the art of the squeal to a new level that season.

Pachulia: “Because there was a change, it was already a success in my opinion. Was I disappointed that I didn’t make it? No. Honestly, no. That’s not my priority. That’s never been on my mind because I’m realistic. I’m smart. I know what kind of player — I’m a basketball player, not a showman. I love this game. I love playing team basketball and being in a system, being around good guys.

“I smile talking about it. It’s something we’ll remember as fun. It’s a special moment at the same time. I don’t want to disrespect any votes. Of course, I’m so thankful for a million and a half (votes). It’s no joke. It’s not easy. I’m thankful and feel privileged to have gotten a lot of support from the fans. It’s amazing. It’s priceless. We’re thankful, and we move on. I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing this year. Play hard, play for the team and I guess it works because people appreciate that.”

But, wow, did he raise the art of the squeal to a new level that season.

For Barkley, the year was lowlighted by an arrest on a battery charge at a Milwaukee bar at 2:30 on a December morning. Team-wise, the year was probably poisoned by the release of Barkley’s book, “Outrageous!” In it, he criticized the trade that brought his friend Manute Bol and his 1.9-point scoring average to the Sixers (“Hell, my grandmother could score two points a game, as long as Pittsburgh Penguins Cheap Jerseys she wasn’t double-teamed”) as well as teammates Armon Gilliam, Hersey Hawkins and Charles Shackleford, who would be tongue-lashed by Barkley relentlessly that season.

Shackleford, Barkley wrote, “was basically thrown away by the Nets — the Nets! — after Reebok Cheap Jerseys just two years. If the Nets couldn’t use him, it’s hard to imagine how he can be our starting center.”

Nets play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle confirmed previous reports about center Brook Lopez, telling NetsDaily.com that Brooklyn is “not giving him away.”