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Yankees’ plan to fix Gary Sanchez’s problem begins with a wristband

Sanchez’s visits drew the ire of other broadcasters, like when he went to the mound twice in the bottom of the first in Baltimore during a Jordan Montgomery start on May 29 and again in Boston during a CC Sabathia start on Aug. 19.

Tuesday, after the second period of Devils-Penguins, MSG+ presented a taped chat with J
Asked about his first NFL goal, Greene smiled. It was against Pittsburgh, just a little wrist shot.

The three most popular questions I’ve run across over the past week are as follows – and let’s see if you’ve heard these before:

When are they going to sign someone?

Relax. It’s been said before, it will be said again – there is always a method to the perceived madness in Foxboro. The Patriots have long operated on their own time and schedule, in their own manner, and prefer to let others fly about first while picking and choosing selected veteran players to join the fray for another championship run.

Traditionally, the more popular, in-demand and specialty players are in position to have their contract needs met earlier. After they’ve all scooped and scored for themselves, the marketplace begins to thin out and other players settle into defined roles – a special teams’ player, a pass rusher, a backup tackle and so on.
It sounds very much like a technique for shopping Filene’s old Bargain Basement, but the Patriots are famous (and infamous) for sifting through the piles and finding the gems left behind after the initial few days of sorting through what’s left.

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Report: Saints not interested in trade for Jarvis Landry

The Saints showed interest in Jarvis Landry this week, but they’re not willing to part with the compensation and the mega deal it would take to acquire him, Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

The Saints are looking to add playmakers to their offense, seeking help at wide receiver and tight end.

Dead money is incurred via bonus money paid out that is then spread out for cap purposes over the life of the contract. Teams that trade for or claim players acquire the future of the contract future salaries, bonuses and incentives not the ramifications of past bonuses paid out. That’s why a team that loses a player has an acceleration on its cap that results in dead money. If a player retires a team can pursue a portion of the signing bonus and a salary cap credit, but that is a very rare occurrence. Dead money is, in many ways, the cost of doing business at times.

The Packers would like to extend quarterback Aaron Rodgers before looming free agents like Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees sign their next deals. Rodgers, who patiently has been waiting for a new contract, is content to wait a little longer.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports that Rodgers wants to wait for Cousins to sign a new contract before signing a new contract in Green Bay.

That’s something I’m not comfortable talking about right now, he said. I’m pretty sure that will be a discussion I will have with the training staff and we’ll come up with a plan moving forward.

Asked if his knee is now 100 percent, Bridgewater added, I’m not gonna give a percentage or anything, but I do believe I’m capable of performing at a high level.

The Jets re-signed Josh McCown to a one-year deal for $10 million, presumably to return as the starting quarterback. McCown, 38, started 13 games in 2017, threw 18 touchdown passes and only nine interceptions and the Jets went 5-8 in his starts. The Jets recently made a bold move, rising from No. 6 to No. 3 in the 2018 NFL Draft in a trade with the Colts, a maneuver designed to take a quarterback.

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Reports: Kurt Coleman visiting with Saints, Bengals at NFL Combine

The New Orleans Saints are visiting with former Carolina Panthers safety Kurt Coleman Thursday night in Indianapolis, according to Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Coleman was released by the Panthers earlier this week after spending the last three seasons in Carolina. The report cites multiple teams interested in Coleman’s services.

How does he interact with teammates? Is he screaming at a receiver who drops a pass? Is he respectful to his coaches and to the people in attendance? All that stuff matters to scouts. And they’re watching every interaction. The front office that drafts Darnold should have no questions about him when the pro day is over.

Pro days are really about confirming what the tape shows. Darnold has some fantastic tape, mixed with rocky moments from 2017.

All of the top quarterbacks in this class have flaws. That’s why there’s no consensus on who’s going No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Browns. But Darnold is squarely in the mix. What he does Wednesday should help confirm what we’ve talked about since he burst onto the scene as a redshirt freshman in 2016: He has a chance to be special.

Brady Henderson of ESPN reports that the Seahawks are talking to other teams about a trade involving Bennett. There’s no word on which teams have been on the other end of the line.

Bennett had 8.5 sacks for the Seahawks in 2017 and has three years left on the deal he signed in 2016. His cap number for 2018 is just under $7.4 million and Seattle would have over $5 million in dead money left if they were to part ways with Bennett this offseason.

I thought Josh Allen put on a show, and I knew he would, Mayock said. I’ve done a bunch of his tape, I saw him live at the Senior Bowl, he’s got as live an arm as anybody I’ve seen since JaMarcus Russell, and I heard people think that was a negative because of JaMarcus’ career, but I mean, to qualify that, all I’m talking about is arm talent. I’m not talking about the ability to play in the NFL.

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Cliff Avril: I didn’t think Seahawks changes would be this dramatic

Wednesday saw the Seahawks agree to trade defensive end Michael Bennett to the Eagles while also moving closer to cornerback Richard Shermans possible exit in a pair of moves that show that there was something behind talk about a change of direction in Seattle.

That talk makes it hard to be overly surprised by the changing of the guard on a defense that stayed together longer than most. During an appearance on NFL Network, defensive end Cliff Avril said he told teammates that it’s unusual to have that kind of continuity but even that didn’t prepare him for how sweeping the changes would be this offseason.

Jeremy Bates’ promotion to offensive coordinator signals a need for a precision passer who can excel in a timing offense. Allen is not that quarterback; Mayfield most certainly is. The 22-year-old signal-caller provided the two most efficient seasons in FBS history. His ball placement, ability to handle any situation and pocket creativity tops any other available prospect’s. He’s the perfect passer for the Jets.

Too many questions surfaced regarding Mayfield’s height (6’1) and attitude throughout the draft process. Neither are shortcomings, though. They’re what make Mayfield a competitive and fiery leader, and he’ll take that massive chip on his shoulder to the Big Apple.

In contrast, the Chargers are in denial.

I guess I just don’t look at it like that, G.M. Tom Telesco said last week when asked whether he believes that his team is competing with the Rams. It’s such a big city. I never look at it as we’re competing with the Rams at all. Maybe it’s because I know [G.M.] Les Snead well. I know coach [Sean] McVay well. They’re good people. . . . We’re competing with our division, number one, and then the rest of the NFL, number two. Not so much with the Rams. I think there’s plenty in the market for everybody. We know we’ve got a lot of work to do. We’re brand new to the market. We have a big fan base we have to build. It’s going to be measured in years. It’s not going to be games.

He’s right, but the Rams got a head start in 2016, emerged as the better team in 2017, and are the early winners of the 2018 offseason. The Chargers, while they may have big plans for the coming weeks, need to consider trying to match what the Rams are doing.

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Matt Patricia makes his own way in Detroit

Many coaches and executives who worked for Bill Belichick attempt to be Bill Belichick when they get their first chance to run a team of their own. Lions coach Matt Patricia won’t be doing it that way.

Patricia, who worked with Bill Belichick from 2004 through 2017, will be doing things his own way. That’s not a slap at Belichick, but an acknowledgement of the reality that, ultimately, each coach and executive needs to be true to he is. The job is stressful enough without trying to be someone you’re not.

In between meetings, Davis visited the New York State Senate chamber, where he mingled with state senators and, yes, posed for some pictures.

I think today was very effective, Davis said afterward.

Davis was joined by former NFL player Walter Beach, 83, who traveled from his home in Pennsylvania to support the cause. A former Cleveland Browns cornerback, Beach attended the famous Cleveland ’67 summit with fellow activists Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell and Lew Alcindor (later known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).

The difference in cost between the picks was still substantial, Kingdon explained of Davis’ reasoning, via Steve Corkran of

Before the rookie salary cap in 2012, high first-round picks commanded massive contracts. The Falcons ended up winning the coin toss and drafted Matt Ryan, giving him a six-year, $67.5 million deal. The Raiders took McFadden, and he signed a six-year, $60.1 million deal.

So the Raiders got their man and saved more than $7 million.

With the negotiations with the NFL surely to begin in the forthcoming years, ESPN must figure out how much the NFL means to its total package. For years, the network’s cable right fees were tied to having NFL games, which former ESPN president Steve Bornstein expertly exploited while heading the NFL’s negotiations with the networks. While paying far more than any other network, ESPN does not have a Super Bowl.

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Score one for the FBI in latest bit of NCAA Tournament insanity

He and Ken Daneyko now regularly, easily swap good thoughts and observations. Doesn’t hurt that these Devils mostly play exciting hockey.

The current proposal will ensure that controversial incompletions — such as Calvin Johnson’s infamous play in 2010 and Bryant’s in 2014 — will instead be ruled completions in the future, but Blandino said it would also open a new realm of judgment in determining whether a football move took place.

If the receiver performs an act common to the game, Blandino said, if he performs a football move, whatever you want to call it, on the way to the ground, if you say that supersedes him having to hold the ball all the way to the ground, then that adds another layer of judgment for the official and in replay.

You’re just shifting the debate from, ‘Was he going to the ground and did he hold on to it?’ to ‘Did he make a football move?’

This is SportsCenter! Saturday morning’s ESPN SportsCenter reported UMBC’s defeat of Virginia the night before ranks up there with sports’ biggest upsets, including the Jets’ Super Bowl III win against Indianapolis. Seriously.

Think the NCAA is relieved that FBI program-of-interest Arizona was bounced in the first round? TV’s sideline reporters, too. They now don’t have to worry about interviewing coach Sean Miller, thus not having to decide to ask him about distractions.

Future Headline: Tiger Woods, 10 Million Others Perish In Nuclear Explosion

Tiger Woods TV has returned as the Silliest Show on Earth. Sunday an NBC promo for the final round, claimed, Tiger Woods is one off the lead.

During the third round, NBC’s Gary Koch noted that a hospitality tent is filled with servicemen and women: And you know they’re cheering for Tiger, with his military background, with his father’s background.

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