Enjoy David Ortiz reenacting famous Boston movie scenes

David Ortiz accomplished all he could in The Show. Now, it’s on to Hollywood.

In an ad for a promotion tied his number being retired, Ortiz announced he was coming out of retirement, but not to play baseball. He’s taking his talents to the silver screen.

The Departed scene was especially indicative of his acting chops. The intensity of his eyes ’ they tell a story. The posture, the passion.

Eh, maybe not.

Good luck with that, Papi. If the whole method acting thing isn’t for you, maybe wait out Mark Ruffalo for the Incredible Hulk gig.

Tebow isn’t like other Class A players, of course, and nobody is pretending that the Mets will treat him like an ordinary Class A player. For starters, Tebow was born in August 1987. Think about this: Five of his Fireflies teammates were born in 1997 , and shortstop Andres Gimenez was born in 1998, 11 years and 20 days after Tebow.

Yeah, the Mets view him with a different set of rules. I mean, he was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last Wednesday night, promoting his new book. He made the 10-hour bus ride with his Fireflies teammates up to Maryland for a series with the Delmarva Shorebirds and then to New Jersey for a series with the Lakewood Blue Claws. The appearance with Fallon, though, meant he missed a bus ride with his teammates for the first time all season.

I didn’t ask, but I’m assuming Tebow caught a flight back to Columbia instead of a Greyhound.

So what now? Realistically, what are the next steps for the Tim Tebow experience?

Tebow turns 30 in August. Chances are, he won’t be in Columbia by then. One way or another, Tebow will be promoted at some point. The Mets, a franchise that is floundering at the major-league level with injuries and other assorted struggles, won’t let him spend an entire summer competing with and against kids 10 years his junior. So when does he get the bump up?

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