Red Sox fan dives head-first into Faceplant Hall of Fame after whiffing on foul ball

This could go in the Hall of Fame of epic face plants.

This Red Sox fan reached for a foul ball in the upper deck, and landed two rows from whence he came.

The good thing is, the Red Sox fan seemed to be in good spirits and waved off additional help from security. It could have ended a lot worse, especially if his momentum carried him further down.

There was probably an oh s’ moment for the fan, but this one is definitely all good. Everyone had a good laugh. Slightly scary to watch.

No harm, no foul. Except for the ball.

Tebow’s home ballpark (for now) is kind of unique.

When the Fireflies aren’t in town, it’s open to the public from sunrise to sunset, like any city park in Columbia. The wide concourse serves as a running/walking track ’ each lap is a third of a mile ’ and people bring their lunches to eat on the many tables around the field. It’s a pretty cool setup.

On game days, Fireflies employees politely clear out the stadium a little more than three hours before first pitch, which means the public can actually be out there watching Tebow and his teammates go through the first half-hour or so of their pregame routine for free. And maybe even pregame hacky sack.

He’s been a full-time starter for six seasons, and in three of those seasons, he’s been equal to or worse than any available player the Royals could have found to play first base (a call-up from the minors or a guy available as a midseason free agent).

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