A Sonny Gray trade to the Yankees makes too much sense to not happen

The Yankees and Athletics are reportedly discussing a trade for Sonny Gray, that also includes first baseman Yonder Alonso. That would pretty much fill the remaining holes the Yankees had on the roster after already dealing for third baseman Todd Frazier as well as relievers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle, and that’s also why this deal makes too much sense for New York to not happen.

When a fly ball bounced off of Jose Canseco’s head and ended up being a homer, it was hilarious, especially since his noggin gave the ball the little extra it needed to clear the fence. This, though, is something else: It’s like a header in soccer to score a goal, except it wasn’t intentional.

Of course, that’s an entire season and an NBA one at that against a somewhat cherry-picked portion of the Dodgers campaign. With that being said, though, Los Angeles’ record for the entire season is 75-31, good for a .708 winning percentage, they’re up on the second-place, first-wild-card-holding Rockies by 14.5 games in the NL West, and Tuesday’s victory put the Dodgers on pace for 115 wins. That would put them ahead of the 1998 Yankees for the second-most in a season and leave them one W behind the all-time mark held by the 2001 Mariners and 1906 Cubs.

The Dodgers still have 56 games left, and chances are good those aren’t going to go quite as well as the previous 56. They don’t have to for Los Angeles to complete a special, historic regular season; however: The 2001 Mariners had a .716 winning percentage, and the Dodgers are real, real close to that pace for the year. If they just play a tiny bit better the rest of the way than they have in aggregate to this point, MLB just might have a record broken come late September.

That is, in theory, what adding Yu Darvish is supposed to help the Dodgers avoid.

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