Cliff Avril: I didn’t think Seahawks changes would be this dramatic

Wednesday saw the Seahawks agree to trade defensive end Michael Bennett to the Eagles while also moving closer to cornerback Richard Shermans possible exit in a pair of moves that show that there was something behind talk about a change of direction in Seattle.

That talk makes it hard to be overly surprised by the changing of the guard on a defense that stayed together longer than most. During an appearance on NFL Network, defensive end Cliff Avril said he told teammates that it’s unusual to have that kind of continuity but even that didn’t prepare him for how sweeping the changes would be this offseason.

Jeremy Bates’ promotion to offensive coordinator signals a need for a precision passer who can excel in a timing offense. Allen is not that quarterback; Mayfield most certainly is. The 22-year-old signal-caller provided the two most efficient seasons in FBS history. His ball placement, ability to handle any situation and pocket creativity tops any other available prospect’s. He’s the perfect passer for the Jets.

Too many questions surfaced regarding Mayfield’s height (6’1) and attitude throughout the draft process. Neither are shortcomings, though. They’re what make Mayfield a competitive and fiery leader, and he’ll take that massive chip on his shoulder to the Big Apple.

In contrast, the Chargers are in denial.

I guess I just don’t look at it like that, G.M. Tom Telesco said last week when asked whether he believes that his team is competing with the Rams. It’s such a big city. I never look at it as we’re competing with the Rams at all. Maybe it’s because I know [G.M.] Les Snead well. I know coach [Sean] McVay well. They’re good people. . . . We’re competing with our division, number one, and then the rest of the NFL, number two. Not so much with the Rams. I think there’s plenty in the market for everybody. We know we’ve got a lot of work to do. We’re brand new to the market. We have a big fan base we have to build. It’s going to be measured in years. It’s not going to be games.

He’s right, but the Rams got a head start in 2016, emerged as the better team in 2017, and are the early winners of the 2018 offseason. The Chargers, while they may have big plans for the coming weeks, need to consider trying to match what the Rams are doing.

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