Texans-Jets, Browns-Broncos only scheduled Saturday games, two more to flex during season

The NFL has just two games currently scheduled for Saturdays this December but a new addition to league flex scheduling procedures will add two more later int he year. The Houston Texans will travel to face the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos will host the Cleveland Browns on Dec. 15. Both contests are Week 15 matchups. he league also will flex two games to Saturday in Week 16 out of a possible four matchups: Baltimore at LA Chargers, Jacksonville at Miami, NY Giants at Indianapolis or Washington at Tennessee.

He got into a fight and was caught popping wheelies on his motorcycle and sentenced to two to four years in prison by a judge who has been accused of being enamored with the rapper. But no one should be fooled. As long as Kraft and other NFL owners continue blackballing players like Kaepernick who missed all of last season and has yet to be signed by a team despite being more talented and accomplished than many quarterbacks who are collecting NFL checks Kraft’s trek to that Pennsylvania prison won’t mean much.

If a player follows a cheerleader on social media, the cheerleader has to block them. Cheerleaders are held responsible for players’ actions. Davis told The Daily that leading up to her termination in January, her bosses scolded her for being at a party where players were present, even though Davis says she didn’t even attend the party. Later, Davis posted a photo of herself in a lace bodysuit to her personal Instagram page, and received a message from one of her coaches saying it was very poor judgment to post this photo, especially given rumors that are going around about you. Davis deleted the photo, even though she didn’t see anything wrong with it, and the next day found out that the team wanted her to resign over the photo.

Davis refused to resign and was quickly fired. She told The Daily that being shamed over the photo and having her character called into question was devastating. Since then, Davis and her mom, who was a choreographer for the team until resigning shortly after Davis was fired, are speaking out about the unfair treatment she and other cheerleaders experienced on the team. Davis has also filed a civil rights complaint  with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the NFL. Professional cheerleaders have been speaking out for years about the low pay, sexist double standards between cheerleaders and players, and extremely strict rules that cheerleaders are expected to follow even in their personal lives.

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