Tevin Coleman: Falcons will use me more this year

Running back Tevin Coleman has seen a steady rise in snaps over his three seasons with the Falcons and he expects that to continue during the 2018 season.

Coleman was in on over 41 percent of the snaps in 2017 and touched the ball 183 times while producing 927 yards and eight touchdowns in 15 games. He said this week that he’s planning for an even bigger role that includes more than just lining up in the backfield.

They are just going to use me more … lining up out wide and stuff, Coleman said, via the team’s website. It’s going to be pretty fun.

2. Nikolai Khabibulin on Jordan Leopold, 2004. Lightning led Calgary 2-1 with 5:00 remaining when Khabibulin made a point-blank rebound stop on Leopold from the left porch. Tampa Bay won it by that score to take the Cup. The Conn Smythe went to Brad Richards, with the voting completed with approximately 10 minutes to go. Had it taken place at the buzzer, that save likely would have clinched it for the goaltender.

Last year, Rudolph dipped from a career high 83 catches and 840 yards with 57 catches and 532 yards. Look for those numbers to go up in 2018, as Rudolph the mattress absorbs any and all pillows Cousins throws his way.

Riegels was a two-way center for Cal Berkeley, one of the best football players in the country, when his Golden Bears faced Georgia Tech in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, 1929. In the second quarter of a scoreless game, Riegels jumped on a fumble by Tech’s Jack Stumpy Thomason at the Yellow Jackets’ 30-yard line. Riegels grabbed the ball, started to make a glorious dash for the end zone …

And somehow, someway, unforgettably, got shoved by a tackler and instead of falling down found himself headed in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until he was caught by his teammate, Benny Lon, at the Cal 3-yard-line … and then joined by a gang of Tech players who tried to shove him into the end zone but instead brought him down at the 1. Cal tried to neutralize Riegels’ mistake by immediately punting … but of course the punt was blocked for a safety. It was 2-0, Tech.

It ended 8-7, Tech.

And for the rest of his life, Riegels had a new middle name. To his dying day of March 26, 1993, he was known eternally as Wrong Way Riegels, the man who’d made the dumbest mistake anyone ever saw on the biggest stage of all. Funny thing, though: Riegels not only owned his goof, he decided he would make the most of it. He never declined an interview about it. He always poked fun at himself.

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