49ers bringing Reuben Foster along slowly

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster returned to the team a week ago, after learning that he wouldn’t stand trial on two counts of felony domestic violence. But the team has not yet allowed him to practice, for reasons unrelated to the off-field entanglements.

He’s in great shape, 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh told reporters after Wednesday’s OTA session. He could have [practiced] today. He could have went the first day he was allowed back. But, just like all the other guys, they’ve had a due process of Phase One, Phase Two, going through the different phases of the offseason. So, we’re just giving him a chance to get back into it. Don’t rush him. There’s no need. Hopefully we can get him back to practicing soon.

Some would possibly hesitate to paint Foster with such a broad brush of positivity, at least for now. Off-field concerns helped fuel his draft-day slide in April 2017, and even though he ultimately was exonerated, the 49ers are still keeping a closer eye on Foster than they would on a player without his specific history.

But he’s back and participating and it’s a lot more than most would have expected based on the allegations he was facing. The 49ers stood by him (primarily because of his perceived value as a player; if he was a scrub he surely would have been cut), and soon the 49ers will reap the benefits of his ongoing presence.

Yeah, we’re focused on what we’re doing, trying to get better and taking each day we can to try to improve our football team, Belichick said. Not really focused on what everybody else is doing.

Regardless, the noise of the Patriots being a No Fun Team seems to be growing. With guys like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski opting to have actual fun in lieu of showing up for the daily effort to improve, it’s hard not to think there’s something to it this time.

The Times also reported that the Patriots hold auditions for cheerleader promotional models, but after the cheerleading squad is already set.

The Ravens have a team of women called Playmakers, who don’t serve as cheerleaders or dancers in any form. The Times reported that this year’s application to become a Playmaker asked for bust size.

NFL teams’ cheerleading squads have come under fire since a former Saints cheerleader, Bailey Davis, and former Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware accused cheerleading officials of inappropriate actions. Their lawyer, Sara Blackwell, offered to settle the dispute with the league for $1.

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