T.J. Ward has all pending charges dropped

Safety T.J. Ward remains a free agent, and he’ll also remain free.

In case you’re worried about the Vikings getting cocky, I’m told the newcomers to the team have been pretty impressed with the way that Mike Zimmer’s team practices. And two tempo-setters, as I’ve heard it, are receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, who’ve taken quickly to new quarterback Kirk Cousins.

On the rules: I’d expect the new kickoff rule will lead to a ton of strategic experimentation in the preseason. Accordingly, one special teams coach said to me Sunday he thinks kickoffs in August will be a s—show.

We wound up updating the lead on the anthem discussion a few days later, after ESPN’s Seth Wickersham reported that there wasn’t a formal vote, to reflect how the decision went down in the room.

There’s a lot of good energy. I like what we have.

Prescott likes everything about the Cowboys. While everyone outside the locker room is focused on what the Cowboys lost in Dez Bryant, Scandrick and Witten, Prescott instead focuses on what they have.

The organized team activities gave Prescott a chance to work with his new receivers and tight ends, including Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, Michael Gallup and Dalton Schultz.

We got a good feel for one another, Prescott said. We got a good feel for this offense. We got a good feel for this defense. A great feel for where this team is heading. I liked everything I saw out there.

So where does Beth Bowlen’s move last week for controlling ownership play into all of this? It’s unlikely to change anything in the short term. The trust isn’t squatting on the team, but it is charged by Pat Bowlen to determine when there is a son or daughter ready and capable to take over. (Some have worked for the team, but none have been involved in ownership circles at the league level.

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