Kevin Knox is 18 years old and the youngest player in this draft.

When his name was called on Thursday night, the New York backers in the audience booed his selection.

You were probably just going to your prom and such at this time when you were Knox’s age. Now imagine heading to your prom, your mauve cummerbund cinched neatly in place and your date’s corsage pinned carefully to her wrist. Then imagine a spotlight blaring on you the second you walk in, and everyone turning and booing — including your date. And now imagine it happening on national TV, with Adam Silver for some reason as your chaperone.

Many wondered why the Magic took Bamba instead of a point guard, because Orlando has two centers already and zero point guards, but those people were reminded that the two centers are Nikola Vucevic and Bismack Biyombo.

Shittu missed out on the spring all-star circuit due to a torn ACL. At 6-10, the 18-year-old intrigues as a potential playmaker from one of the forward positions. He can handle the ball in big spaces and pass on the move.

Narrowing down his role and position may prove difficult, as he’s a unique prospect in terms of his versatility.

For the second straight season, Rick Stansbury has landed a 5-star big man at Western Kentucky. Here’s to hoping this one actually plays for him, unlike Mitchell Robinson.

Bassey still needs to improve his overall skill level, but he’s a good athlete, rebounder and rim protector. As with all bigs, figuring out what role he can play in the NBA and then willingly taking on that role will be paramount.

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