NFL Mock Draft: Who does Cleveland take first? Which quarterbacks find homes?

Now that NFL Free Agency has hit a lull and most of the top players (outside of Dontari Poe and Jay Cutler) have found their new homes, we have a clearer picture of the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Browns, Titans and now Saints have two picks in Round 1. The Jaguars and Bengals have seen their draft needs change dramatically after free agency, but for very different reasons. And the quarterback market, still as volatile as ever, sees three quarterbacks go in the top-15 with three more finding homes in Round 2.

The Browns will be drafting Myles Garrett or trading down to a team searching for a quarterback. Garrett can help rebuild the Browns’ defense.

It’s worth noting that the Hall of Fame has been here before. The early to mid-1980s saw the induction of several shortstops: Travis Jackson in 1982; Luis Aparicio and Pee Wee Reese in 1984; and Arky Vaughan in 1985. A few other shortstops also got a lot of consideration from the Veterans Committee in this time: Phil Rizzuto, who was eventually inducted in 1994; and Glenn Wright and Marty Marion, whose names might not be as well-known to contemporary fans but who each appeared on several Veterans Committee ballots. Wrights case has seemingly been dormant for 20 years. Marion, on the other hand, still pops up on ballots when his era is up for consideration.

We could be nearing a stretch of heightened regard for shortstops, given the number of well-regarded shortstops outside Cooperstown. The other possibility, of course, is that Jeter debuts on the ballot for 2019, receives 100 percent of the vote or close to it, and all other shortstops look worse by comparison. That would be unfortunate. Lackluster sabermetric rating or not, Vizquel would be one of many shortstops to get short shrift under such an arrangement.

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