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They divorced after winning back-to-back Super Bowls.

All anyone talked about last Friday was the ESPN.com article detailing reportedly intense Patriots strife, strafing the league’s preeminent dynasty while purportedly showing why Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft might not be going out for a pitcher of Milwaukee’s Best — or non-fat cold-fish-flavored sorbet (only in the summer months) — any time soon.

Whether it’s because of the TB12 storefront, the collection of egos fed by 17 years of unprecedented success or some dude playing quarterback 3,000 miles west of Foxborough, apparently all isn’t well in New England. (It should be noted that Brady, Belichick and Kraft issued a statement denying such discord in response.)

That unfortunate situation should show you how lucky fans in New England have been to see Brady, Belichick and Kraft work together as they have. If Troy Aikman were a “me” guy or had been a grizzled veteran at that time (he was in Year 5), the JJs might not have even lasted that long. Bet you a Mike Greenwell rookie card the Patriots’ big three will be in the playoffs, together, next January.

In Pittsburgh, Watt’s brother, T.J. Watt, got off to a great start in his rookie debut with two sacks and an interception in the first three quarters.

Before the game, all eyes were on the sidelines for possible national anthem protests. Last week Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs chose to remain seated for the anthem during the NFL opener Thursday night in New England and the Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, whose Cheap Dolphins Jerseys allegations of racial profiling and brutality by the Las Vegas police made headlines last week, continued his protest in the late afternoon national game Sunday in Green Bay. His brother, Packers tight end Martellus Bennett, stood on the opposite Cheap Fan Jerseys sideline, raising his right fist in protest during the anthem.

A Thursday tipping point? The Thursday night game between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals was remarkable for two things: Injuries and more injuries. So many, in fact, that Doug Baldwin of the Seahawks said the “games should be illegal.”