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Hurts isn’t interested in playing the role of the superstar athlete.

If it’s true you should dress for the job you want, not the one you already have, Jalen Hurts would wear a monk’s robe instead of the jersey of Alabama’s starting quarterback. The perpetually stoic sophomore gives the impression that he would rather take a vow of silence than answer questions about his football ability.

He’s his father’s child, living out longtime Texas high school football coach Averion Hurts’ motto: I ain’t gonna laugh if it isn’t funny. I ain’t gonna dance if there ain’t no music.

On the flip side of the same coin, the Nets have a tough upcoming schedule. Brooklyn’s snowy January features games against basketball juggernauts: Boston, San Antonio, Toronto, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, and Minnesota again. The Nets also play the 76ers and both the Knicks and Pistons twice. That’s 11 games Brooklyn could feasibly lose and fall from 15-24 to 15-35.

But for Atkinson, it’s the influx and development of talent that’s made the biggest difference in helping change the culture in Brooklyn. The Nets aren’t a joke anymore. You have to take them seriously, and that’s just the first step.

One almost wishes the rain that fell earlier on Jan. 2 had continued, because at least then this game would have had some personality. Instead, St. Louis dominated the last 40 minutes, treating the Blackhawks — by this time, outdoor game overexposed — like a team of jobbers that were hired to put over the local talent.

It gave us an alumni game that featured Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull and Martin Brodeur on the same team. It gave us perhaps the best St. Louis Blues jerseys ever created. And it gave us copious amounts of Nelly.

As much as Saints All-Pro Cam Jordan admires his father, Steve, and effusively praises the former Minnesota Vikings tight end, he hasn’t been able to resist the urge to be his own man.

Cam Jordan never wanted to play tight end, and acknowledged on Thursday that he doesn’t always follow his father’s advice, either, particularly when it comes to his playful antics and comments when engaging the media.

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Is it time for Cubs fans to panic?

One of you greedy fools wished on the severed monkey paw. You were not supposed to do that, for it is cursed. And you wished for the Cubs to win one lousy World Series, just one, without thinking of the repercussions. They won that World Series, but now you’re wondering if the phrasing just one constitutes a legal monkey-paw technicality.

The question at hand is if the modern game has gone too far. Verducci bemoans the lack of action between the homers and whiffs, and he isn’t alone. My former boss spent many thousands of words on the same complaint and that was before the strikeout rates went truly bonkers around the league.

If you want to distill everything into a crude sentence, here you go: Baseball is getting dumber. The dumb is being obscured by numbers spin rates, exit velocities, launch angles but it’s still obvious. Throw ball HARD. Hit ball HARD. If ball not hit hard, player in TROUBLE, but chance to hit ball HARD always come around again. This is disconcerting, I agree.

And yet, holy heck, did you see Bellinger’s home runs? The dude whips his bat through the zone with an uppercut that makes it look like every third frame was removed from the video. It’s not dumb. It’s art. It’s a delicate ballet, a triumph of the nervous system over physics.

Sometimes it’s right to stare at different FanGraphs pages and pretend you understand what linear weights to tweet you, and sometimes it’s right to point at a low batting average and say, THAT BATTING AVERAGE SHOULD BE HIGHER. This is time for the latter.

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