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So many good dogs showed up to Brewers game for Bark at the Park

Good news! Two of America’s favorite things met again Tuesday when the Milwaukee Brewers had their Bark in the Park night during their home series against the San Francisco Giants.

Plenty of good doggos came out to support their team.

If you’re the Pirates, and you’re reasonably confident with your pitching development system, how do you approach the draft? Do you focus on hitters at the top and figure that you can polish pitchers selected later, or do you hope that you can turn good prospects into great ones and pick them early?

It’s a fascinating conundrum, and we know what the Pirates are trying to do. They’ve had a rough year on a couple fronts, including with injuries and developmental stalls. This pick doesn’t make up for it, but it’ll help them feel a little better, at least.

The Marlins had baseball’s worst farm system before the season started, according to Baseball America, and it’s going to take more than one draft pick to get them out of the cellar.

That written, it’s hard not to be impressed with the raw physical ability they just added to the organization, and if everything goes right, this could pay off for the better part of a decade. They just have to figure out what’s happened with the system over the years, other than dubious trades.

Related: David Eckstein was hit by more pitches (76) from 2001 through 2004 as the non-Eckstein shortstops were in the remaining 13 qualifying seasons (61). He was so, so amazing. If you know him only from gritty jokes and general obnoxiousness, please reevaluate. He was the Mike Trout of annoying.

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the NFL and NFLPA released a joint statement saying player safety is our primary concern

Graham spent the entire offseason rehabbing the knee, and it would’ve been safe to assume that he’d open the season on the PUP list, sitting out the first six weeks. For comparison’s sake, Cruz tore his patellar tendon late in the 2014 season, sat out all of 2015, and didn’t return until last year, mostly looking like a shell of his former self.

But Graham managed to defy all expectations and was back on the field for Week 1. Fully integrated into the Seahawks offense, he became one of Wilson’s more reliable weapons, turning 95 targets into 65 catches, 923 yards, and nine touchdowns. He still wasn’t quite the focal point that he was in New Orleans, but Graham firmly re-established himself as one of the league’s better tight ends and was named to the third Pro Bowl of his career.

If 2017’s preseason opener between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals gets even a coin toss in, it will have exceeded the 2016 Hall of Fame Game. Last year’s scheduled matchup between the Packers and Colts was called off after extreme heat in Canton turned the field’s synthetic turf into a hardened, sticky mess.

At the time, the NFL and NFLPA released a joint statement saying player safety is our primary concern, and as a result, we could not play an NFL game on this field tonight.?

The end result was an underwhelming start to the 2016 preseason. Fans who made the trip to Ohio were forced to head home without seeing Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck take the field.

2017 promises to be better, if only because the game will actually take place (we think).

If this were the regular season, the headlining matchup would be a showdown between two of the league’s best tailbacks. Cowboys runner Ezekiel Elliott’s premier season was an unrequited success; he topped the NFL and threatened Eric Dickerson’s rookie record with 1,631 rushing yards. On the other sideline is David Johnson, who led the league with 2,118 yards from scrimmage in his second season as a pro.

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Braves’ Freddie Freeman calls Miller Park ‘bad-lit Little League field’

Freddie Freeman isn’t particularly fond of Miller Park.

The Braves first baseman criticized the Brewers’ ballpark Saturday before the team’s 11-3 win at Milwaukee, citing lighting problems across the field that hinder his vision.

“I think it’s a bad-lit Little League field,” Freeman said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I can’t see anything here.”

Freeman went on to describe another distortion due to fireworks set off at the stadium before the Brewer first inning, adding he’s relieved the series is almost over.

I feel like Little League fields are lit better than this. Obviously they have no problem because their guys are hitting. I guess you get used to it. Our lights at SunTrust [Park] are awesome. Turner Field was a little dark.”

Despite his complaints, Freeman has hit .391 with three home runs and six RBIs dating back just over two seasons in Milwaukee.

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