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Reuben Foster rejoins 49ers on Thursday

Reuben Foster has rejoined the 49ers, reporting to the team’s training complex Thursday.

The linebacker had stayed away from the 49ers’ offseason work since domestic violence charges were filed in April, with the team waiting for the case to play out in court.

The Rays (five of the top 71) and Royals (five of the top 58) have the most picks Monday on Day 1 of this draft. They are among the teams that have gotten the least production to date from those 2008-13 drafts. Tampa Bay took Tim Beckham with the No. 1-overall pick in the 2008 process rather than Florida State’s Buster Posey. The Rays’ best player from this span is Kevin Kiermaier (31st round, 2010) and the rising Blake Snell (52nd-overall pick in 2011).

The Royals took Eric Hosmer with the third-overall pick in 2008, which concluded an era of high first-round picks with Alex Gordon (second pick in 2005) and Mike Moustakas (second pick in 2007) that helped form the cornerstone for a title. But since then the best they have drafted is Whit Merrifield or Wil Myers, who they did turn into championship closer Wade Davis.

It may not matter. Senate President Stephen Sweeney (pictured) calls the request for an integrity fee an effort at extortion.

The leagues fought with all of their resources to stop states from allowing their citizens to legally wager on sports, Sweeney recently wrote in a letter to governors and key lawmakers in all states, urging them to refuse to pay the fee. Now that their efforts have been ultimately unsuccessful, they wish themselves to make ‘the fast buck’ and to ‘get something for nothing.’

Essentially, the Leagues are asking to be paid to allow games to be played fairly. And their demand begs the question of what they would now start doing to preserve the integrity of their games that they have not been doing for years.

Amen to that. And amen to this concern from Sweeney about how an integrity fee could actually harm the integrity of the sports that receive it.

Taking the leagues at their word, giving them a ‘piece of the action,’ would make suspicions grow whenever turning-point calls in close games go in favor of the more popular team — whose presence in the ‘big game’ would drive ratings and betting, Sweeney wrote.

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