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6 reasons the NFL Hall of Fame game wasn’t a waste of time

There was no Dak Prescott and no Ezekiel Elliott. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald were on the sideline. But still, when the Cardinals and Cowboys faced off in the Hall of Fame game Thursday, it wasn’t nearly as bad as we expected.

Don’t believe us? Look how much fun Prescott, Elliott, and Dez Bryant had on the sideline.

It’s being a sports fan and watching some of my favorite all-time players either not finish in the place they started or the place where you fell in love watching them play or they did, Rodgers said. And seeing how different the memory is of those players as a fan, and seeing some of my favorite players growing finishing up now or have finished up in the last two or three years the Derek Jeters, the Kobe Bryants, the Tim Duncans doing it their entire career in one place, that makes things pretty special.

So again, I’m a realist as well. I have to play well, the team has to want to bring me back, but I’ve said I’d like to finish things here where we started.

For what it’s worth, Mike McCarthy thinks Rodgers is fully capable of staying at the top of his game until he’s 40.

I wouldn’t be surprised by it, with some good fortune, McCarthy said at the 2017 combine. As far as the conditioning and the level of conditioning from the guy, it’s off the charts.

Rodgers is entering his 13th NFL season, but he’s only been Green Bay’s starter since 2008, after Favre retired for the first time. Brady took over for an injured Drew Bledsoe in his second season, so he’s got a couple of extra years of wear and tear that Rodgers escaped. Still, Brady was clearly at the top of his game last season, with 3,554 yards, 28 touchdowns and just two picks over 12 games.

In 2016, Rodgers finished the season with 4,428 yards, 40 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. As long as he keeps it up, there’s no reason to think Rodgers won’t be right there in Green Bay when his 40th birthday rolls around.

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How Bleacher Report wants to ‘redefine’ live NBA, MLB game broadcasts for millennials

Imagine a different kind of NBA game broadcast: a red-carpet entrance, GoPro cameras on the court and “sneaker cams” for players.

The game announcers interact in real time with viewers on Facebook Live. It’s tailored to tech-savvy 14- to 34-year-old millennial men who live their lives on their phones and social media platforms, not older fans who passively let TV wash over them.

The Turner Sports-owned website dipped its toe into the water by broadcasting high school football games on Facebook Live last fall. That’s just for openers.

Bleacher Report’s “long-term dream” is to “redefine” live sports broadcasts by creating its own versions of NBA and Major League Baseball games, said Joe Yanarella, senior vice president of content.

Last month, of course, Gilbert utterly bungled the handling of general manager David Griffin’s contract, refusing to budge on a new deal for the guy who had taken flak all year when things had gone wrong, managed to improve a roster with virtually no assets on hand and had overseen the team’s 2016 championship, the first in franchise history.

Of all the places for Gilbert to look for changes to make to his team, dumping Griffin should not even have been on the list.

Alas, there is ego to consider. Gilbert was not much fond of the accolades Griffin got for the Cavs’ success. He is the owner. He wanted his glory, but that went to NFL Cheap Jerseys Nike Griffin all too often. Gilbert, who signs the luxury-tax checks and does get involved in personnel matters, perhaps deserved more credit than he got for the Cavs’ recent run.

But so what? That’s part of being an owner. You’re better off behind the scenes, and when your name is in the media, it’s probably not for good reasons. I’m reminded of former Jets owner Leon Hess, who was so publicity-shy that one confidante said of him, “Leon Hess pays people to keep his name out of Oakland Raiders Cheap Jerseys the papers.”