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Score one for the FBI in latest bit of NCAA Tournament insanity

He and Ken Daneyko now regularly, easily swap good thoughts and observations. Doesn’t hurt that these Devils mostly play exciting hockey.

The current proposal will ensure that controversial incompletions — such as Calvin Johnson’s infamous play in 2010 and Bryant’s in 2014 — will instead be ruled completions in the future, but Blandino said it would also open a new realm of judgment in determining whether a football move took place.

If the receiver performs an act common to the game, Blandino said, if he performs a football move, whatever you want to call it, on the way to the ground, if you say that supersedes him having to hold the ball all the way to the ground, then that adds another layer of judgment for the official and in replay.

You’re just shifting the debate from, ‘Was he going to the ground and did he hold on to it?’ to ‘Did he make a football move?’

This is SportsCenter! Saturday morning’s ESPN SportsCenter reported UMBC’s defeat of Virginia the night before ranks up there with sports’ biggest upsets, including the Jets’ Super Bowl III win against Indianapolis. Seriously.

Think the NCAA is relieved that FBI program-of-interest Arizona was bounced in the first round? TV’s sideline reporters, too. They now don’t have to worry about interviewing coach Sean Miller, thus not having to decide to ask him about distractions.

Future Headline: Tiger Woods, 10 Million Others Perish In Nuclear Explosion

Tiger Woods TV has returned as the Silliest Show on Earth. Sunday an NBC promo for the final round, claimed, Tiger Woods is one off the lead.

During the third round, NBC’s Gary Koch noted that a hospitality tent is filled with servicemen and women: And you know they’re cheering for Tiger, with his military background, with his father’s background.

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Hawks’ Dennis Schroder sounds off toward coach after being benched

Dennis Schroder scored 19 points in the first quarter against the Warriors, but didn’t get a chance to finish the game.

No, he didn’t get hurt. Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer pulled his point guard from the game with 8:41 to go in the third quarter. The reason is that he got in a brief spat with teammate Dwight Howard, which allowed Stephen Curry to hit a wide-open 3-pointer while they were arguing.

Cowherd continued piling on.

“I look at Steph Curry today, and I watched the Finals. And I watch his injury,” Cowherd said, via Fox Sports. “And I watch him lobbying for (Kevin Durant). And I watch him now, as KD gets hurt, [be] ineffective. … We have the most wide-open MVP race we’ve had in my life, in the top-six he wouldn’t get a vote. I would put John Wall ahead of him. I’d put Isaiah Thomas ahead of him. I’d put (Russell) Westbrook, Kawhi (Leonard), LeBron (James) … he’s not even in the discussion! He’s fallen off a cliff! Is he a franchise guy?”

Granted, Curry is mired in a terrible shooting slump. In his past seven games, he’s shooting 23.6 percent (18-for-76) from 3-point range. But as the pass highlight video shows, he brings other dimensions to the Warriors even when he’s not knocking down the threes.

For the last few years, Wright has been a Where To Buy Cheap Jerseys mainstay on any list of Wholesale Jerseys Paypal potential college-to-pros coaches, and it’s no secret as to why.

He has the even, level-headed demeanor that would translate well to the NBA, especially in a rebuilding situation, and more importantly, he has the chops as an Xs and Os guy. Wright’s small-ball, motion offense is very much in tune with the way the NBA has been trending.

“I think if he made that jump, he would not have to change much,” one general manager said. “That’s why he is always getting consideration.”